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With her comprehensive approach, Angela has been a blessing from day one. She is the leader of a fast-paced team that is invaluable. Run your business & access your data anytime and from anywhere, securely. We accurately determine S-Corp and Officer payroll as well as assist with employees. “I have had the pleasure of working with Angela at Taxanista for a few years and have always been pleased with their professionalism and tax knowledge.”

TAXANISTA works with businesses across a range of industries. They specialise in helping to choose apps that integrate with Xero to boost business performance for some of those industries. Just starting out and needing some help, this will increase your free time to bring in more business. If it is the first time you login, a new account will be created automatically.

Medical Services (Non-Insurance)

Terry joined Your Accountant’s Office in December 2014. He brings 28 years of experience in accounting and finance, including corporate, public accounting, and… We know how unsettling some of your struggles may be. We offer private consultations for your business and tax matters.


The location, department, and job description all have an impact on the typical compensation for Taxanista Llc positions. The pay range and total remuneration for the job title are shown in the table below. Taxanista Llc may pay a varying wage for a given position based on experience, talents, and education. A Taxanista Llc Chief Executive Officer’s compensation ranges from $518,414 to $854,232, with an average salary of $677,801. Clients of TAXANISTA connect to a range of banks via Xero.

About Xero

She takes pride in finishing her tasks timely and keeps a good working relationship with clients. We identify the best back-end development framework as per your business needs and make you completely worry-free. We work as a back-end partner and extend the reach of your business beyond expectations. Mary is a task-driven individual with 15+ years of administrative experience in managing client-centric office operations. Myra joined taxanista to further boost our growing team. She is a CPA and recently obtained her MBA with Emphasis in Accounting at the Grand Canyon University…